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Stock: 1 unit only*

RFID-DUAL consist of 915MHZ active tag and 13.56 MHZ passive tag, which helps students to do various experiment and application programming practice.

* This is an item that only accepts 1 unit per order.


1) A student can learn RFID system design skill effectively, since internal hardware operation of RFID can be observed through experiment.

2) A student can experiment and comprehend transmission protocols such as Anticollision and ISO/IEC 15693

3) This equipment develops an ability to apply RFID system in various fields since RFID application programming can be experimented through provided API.


˙ Comprehension of basic principle of RFID

˙ Comprehension of RFID system design skill

˙ Comprehension of SO/IEC 15693 protocol

˙ Comprehension of Anti collision

˙ Comprehension of reader configuration

˙ Comprehension of RFID application


Part I Introduction of RFID technology

Chap.1. Explanation of basic theory of RFID

Chap 2. Hardware configuration

* Explanation of Reader circuit and operation process between Reader and Tag.

Chap 3. Installment of hardware

* Introduction of trainer and explanation about install and operation.

Chap 4. Basic operation experiment

* Experiment and explanation of basic operation of trainer

Part II RFID protocol

Chap 5. Packet configuration

* Explanation of Commend request and response packet configuration.

Chap 6. Anti collision

Explanation of anti collision algorism and realization.

Chap 7. CRC algorism

* Explanation of CRC16 algorism

Chap 8. Demo program activation

* Basic operation experiment about Read and Write of tag information

Chap 9. Experiment of RFID Commend

* Experiment of 15 Commend.

Chap 10.Experiment of Packet analysis.

* Analysis of Packet transmitted between reader and tag

Chap 11.Transmission protocol programming

* Programming of Commend packet

Part III API application programming

Chap 12.Comprehension of API

* Explanation about API and basic knowledge

Chap 13.Experiment of API example programming

* Experiment through API application example

Chap 14. Experiment of API application programming

* Experiment to develop an application program through API








Reader 13.56MHZ 1EA



Tag Vicinity Card 3EA

more tham 3 is opion


PC Interface RS232C 1EA



Antenna cable RFcable 1EA



Adaptor 9V DC 1EA



Antenna of Reader 13.56MHZ 1EA



Reader 915MHZ 1EA



Tag Module 3EA

more tham 3 is opion


PC Interface RS232C 1EA



Adaptor 9V DC 1EA



Antenna of Reader 915MHZ 1EA


  Antenna of Tag 915MHZ 3EA  
Common Textbook   1EA  
  Carring bag Aluminum 1EA  
  Program CD   1EA  


Frequency 13.56MHz(Module1),915 MHz(Moudule2)

Protocol ISO 15693(13.56MHz only)

Transpond Type Vicinity Card(13.56MHz), Module(915Mhz)

Field Range 3Cm(13.56MHz),2m(915MHz)

PC interface RS232C

     Download RFID-DUAL Specification 

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