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 OBDsim-680C Ultra Professional OBD-II Simulator

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OBDsim-680C Ultra Professional OBD-II Simulator


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OBDsim-680C Ultra Professional OBD-II Simulator
OBDsim-680C Ultra Professional OBD-II Simulator

Part No:MP-OBDsim-680C-OBD-II-Simulator

Key Features:

  1. Simulates vehicle ECU and generates all SAEJ1979 compliant protocol’s OBD-II diagnostic data:
    • More than 50 sets of OBD-II Live Data diagnostic parameters, including vehicle speed, engine RPM, cooler temperature, oxygen sensor voltage, throttle position sensor, etc.
    • All data can be displayed by the graphic interface using the software of OBDsim Master on PC.
  2. Simulates vehicle ECU and generates all SAEJ2012 compliant protocol’s OBD-II DTC data:
    • More than 5000 sets of standard OBD-II DTC including vehicle body, chassis, power transform unit, network, …etc.
    • Stored and Pending DTC for each data can set individually.
    • All trouble codes can be displayed in graphics using OBDsim Master software on PC, with maximum 5 of Stored or Pending DTC.
    • Trouble code numbers can be displayed on the LCD indicator lights, which also has the MIL indicator function.
  3. Simulates vehicle ECU, and performs Mode 01 to Mode 4 of SAEJ1979 protocol:
    • Mode 01: Current OBD-II Live Data acquisition
    • Mode 02: Freeze OBD-II data acquisition (each DTC can generate 1 freeze OBD-II data, it includes coolant temperature, intake air temperature, intake air pressure, timing advance, fuel system status, throttle position, calculated engine load value, engine RPM, vehicle speed, A/F value).
    • Mode 03: Obtain Stored or Pending DTC.
    • Mode 04: Clear DTC


  • Supports ISO 15765-4 (CAN 250/500kbps, 11/29 bit) OBDII protocol.
  • Standard OBD-II 16-pin female connector or SAE J1962 compliant.
  • Provides standard OBD-II data interpretation for SAE J1978.
  • More than 50 live data can be displayed, all data can also be set and playback.
  • OBD-II diagnostic data and TC can be updated using OBDsim Master software.
  • Generates SAE J2012 compliant OBD-II DTCs, more than 5000 DTCs can be simulated including stored DTCs, pending DTCs.
  • Freeze frame data can be generated when stored DTC s done.
  • The OBD live data and the PID of DTC as well as its definition is extendable by the Master software.

Package Include:

  1. OBDsim-680C Ultra Professional OBD-II Simulator (with LCD indicator lights)
  2. 100-240V/12V/2A power adapter
  3. USB cable
  4. D-Sub 9-pin cable (F to M)
  5. OBDsim Master software and standard OBD-II interpretation software
  6. User’s guide
  7. 1 year warranty under normal operation (no artificial damage)


     Download OBDsim-680C Ultra Professional OBD-II Simulator Specification 

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