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J1939 Bus ECU Simulator

J1939 Bus ECU Simulator


J1939 Bus ECU Simulator

J1939 Bus ECU Simulator

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Product Description

The J1939 multiple ECU simulator provides a professional OBD development platform which allow the user to test the OBD functionality on the table. It simulates a Truck ECU, using 5 potensiometer , 5 live data can be changed and some fixed PNG values are provided.

Pressing DTC bouton the trouble codes are generated and the MIL LED is ON. DM11 commands clear the DTCs and the MIL LED. Connection to the tester is provided via a J1962 female OBD port.

The J1939 multiple ECU Simulator needs an external 24V power supply (Optional).


  • Compatible with J1939 Standard
  • 2.7 to 6V operating range
  • MIL LED output
  • 29 bit / 250 kB CAN BUS communication
  • Support some J1979 compliants DMs
  • Simulates Truck and CAR ECUs
  • ECU source address is 0x00

J1939 Bus ECU Simulator簡易規格下載

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